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Global: 1770 - 1900 [Revolution, Industrialization - - -> Imperialism II, Nationalism]

French Revolutionlate 1700s - end of absolute monarchy in France - equality for all
Industrial Revolutionmachines take the place of hand/manual labor - goods producced faster
Nationalismself-rule, self-determination, autonomy, pride in your country/NATION
Imperialismtaking over an area for your own benefit
estates3 classes in France 1700s - Upper 2 controlled/had everything
"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"slogan of Frenchmen who wanted democracy
RobespierreFrench leader of Committe for Public Safety - killed many in attempt to prevent foreign invasion
bourgeoisiemiddle class merchants, shopkeepers
Napoleonmilitary leader of France late 1700s, early 1800s - ended French Revl. - tried take over Europe
Code Napoleona set of LAWS: social equality, trial by jury, religious toleration
Congress of Viennait tried to restore the "Balance of Power" in Europe after Napoleon
Simon Bolivar"The Liberator" - leader of South American independence - early 1800s
Jose de San Martinleader of southern South American independence
Father Miguel Hidalgoleader of Mexican independence
Toussaint L'Overtureleader of independence in Haiti, an African slave originally - JUST rule
Monroe DoctrineU.S. tells Europe "Hands off Latin America"
caudillosmilitary leaders in Latin America after Independence from Spain
Agricultural Revolution1750 - 1850 - better farm methods using science increase crop production
steam enginemachines were powered/run on it
urbanizationpeople move to the cities for jobs, BUT often live & work in horrible conditions
Karl Marxhe said workers [proletariat] were getting ripped off and should revolt against their owners [bourgeoisie]
Communismstarted by Karl Marx - where EVERYone would be equal
Count Cavourfought for Italian unification 1850s
Garibaldihelped lead fight for Italian unification in southern Italy
Otto von Bismarck"Iron Chancellor" - "Blood & Iron" - united Germany via series of wars
factory systemmass production of goods during Industrial Revolution
"Realpolitik"Bismarck's policy of uniting Germany via a series of wars
serfspoor Russian farmers tied to the land
autocratsabsolute rulers
Russificationforcing other ethnic groups to adopt the Russian language and customs - 1800s
"Sick Man of Europe"Ottoman Empire towards the end of the 19th century - splintered
Congress of Berlin - 1884when European powers got together and "carved up Africa"
British East India Companyit controlled trade between England and India 1700s - -> 1850
Sepoy Rebellion1857 - Hindus & Muslims revolt against British - due to DIETARY "rifles, bullets, & cow/pig fat"
Cottage Industriesgoods produced at home
"Scramble for Africa"when European nations took over Africa - IMPERIALISM
Opium War1839 - 1842: Britain defeats China
"Spheres of Influence"China is carved into economic zones by Europeans in late 1800s
Open Door PolicyU.S. wants access to trade with China in 1800s
Boxer RebellionChinese students revolt against Europeans in China 1900
Tokugawa Shogunate1600 - 1850s - Japan ISOLATES itself from world - FEUDAL society in Japan
Commodore Matthew PerryAmerican Navy officer who's ships FORCED China to open itself to the "West"
Meiji Restoration1870 - 1910 [1945] Japan modernizes - industrializes, starts its own "Imperialism" in Asia:China, Korea
Emperor Meijithe Japanese monarch once again RULES Japan - 1870 - - -> 1910

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