Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Match Trouble

You have to match all the words right to win.

SenescentGrowing old; aging.
ImpetuousHaving or marked by violent force.
CircumspectHeedful of circumstances and potential consequences; prudent.
Soi-disantSelf-styled; so-called.
Eructate also eructTo belch.
MondegreenA word or phrase resulting from a misinterpretation of a word or phrase that has been heard.
RotundRounded in figure; plump.
FacadeThe face of a building, especially the principal face.
PerambulateTo walk through.
SnigletAny word coined for something that has no specific name.
omnibusA long motor vehicle for passengers; a bus.
manqueHaving failed, missed, or fallen short, especially because of
Mrs. GrundyAn extremely conventional or priggish person.
Man FridayAn efficient, faithful male aide or employee.
Big brotherAn older brother.
Pearl HarborAny significant or crippling defeat, betrayal, loss, etc., that comes unexpectedly.
BridewellA prison.
BammonismThe greedy pursuit of riches.
ConcatenateTo connect or link in a series or chain.
BoreasThe god of the north wind in Greek Mythology.


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