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pancreasmakes enzymes
bilebreaks down fatty molecules
livermakes bile
gall bladderstores bile
salivary glandsmoisten food, makes enzymes
mouthphysical and chemical changes
epiglottisflap of skin covering trachea
esophagustube connecting mouth with stomach
stomachenzymes, hydrochloric acid
chymesoupy mixture made in stomach
small intestine7 meters, diffusion
diffusionsmall intestine, molecules moving from high concentration to low concentration
large intestinevitamins B & K, waste moves into this organ
escherichia coliin large intestine, decomposes waste
rectumstores solid waste
anussolid waste leaves the body
time stomach & large intestine4 hours
time small intestine12 hours
total digestion timeabout 20 hours
blood streamcarries brokesn down food molecules to cells from small intestine

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