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Species and such...

Speciesa group of organisms who reproduce and are alike
Evolutionchanges in heredity over a period of time
NATURAL SELECTIONOrganisms best adapt with traits for an environment will survive
variationdifferences among organisms of the same species
populationa group of organisms of one species that live in an area
gradualisma model that describes a slow change in one species to another
punctuated equilibriema model that states rapid evolution of a species through mutation of one or more genes
sedimentary rocka type of rock formed by mud, sand and other fine particles set out in liquid
fossilsremnants of life from an earlier time
relative datingEstimates the age of a fossil
radioactive elementselements whose atoms give off radiation
homologousare body parts that are similar in origin and structure
extinctionthe dying out of a species
embroyologythe study of the earliest stages of an organism's development
vestigal structurea body part that is reduced in size and doesn't seem to have any function
endangered speciesone whos numbers are so low that they are in danger of becoming extinct
primatesa group of mammals which monkeys, apes and humans belong to
hominidsare human like primates that walk upright and eat both meat and vegetables
homo-sapiensis our species meaning wise human

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