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Aeronautics Antics

Aetonautics Glossary: terms with meanings

accelerateto speed up
aerodynamicsa field of fluid dynamics that studies how gases flow and forces act upon objects moving through the air
aeronauticsa study of flight/the science of building and operating an aircraft
airflowthe motion of air molecules flowing around an object, such as a wing
aileronscontrol surfaces on the trailing edge of wing
axisa straight line, through the center of gravity, around which an aircraft rotates
air pressurethe force created by air pushing on a surface
altitudeheight of an object, like an airplane, above sea level or the earth's surface
angle of attackthe angle of a wing to the oncoming airflow
Bernoulli's Principlethe faster molecules within a fluid move, the less pressure they exert on objects around them/which applies to water, air and gases
dragthe force that resists the motion of the aircraft through the air
elevatorscontrol surfaces on the horizontal part of the tail that are used to make the airplane pitch
empennagethe parts of the airplane located at the tail end
enginea machine that used combustion to create energy
finanother word for the vertical portion of the tail
flapsmoveable parts of the trailing edge of the wing used to increase lift at slower air speeds speeds
forcea push or a pull in a certain direction, that can be measured
fuselagethe part of an airplane to which the empennage and wings are attached
gravitythe natural force that pulls an object toward the earth
horizontal stabilizerthe horizontal part of the tail
instrumentstools used to observe, measure and control
landing gearanother word for undercarriage
lifta force that is perpendicular to the airflow around an aircraft
pitcha rotational motion in which an airplane turns around its lateral axis
pressurea force being exerted on part of a surface
pullto use force to bring something closer
pushto use force to move something ahead or to the side
rolla rotational motion in which the aircraft turns around its longitudinal axis
ruddera control surface on the trailing edge of the vertical part of the tail that is used to make the aircraft yaw
spoilera device for changing the airflow around a wing to destroy lift, normally located on top of the wing
stabilizera surface that helps to provide stability for an aircraft
stalla breakdown of the airflow over a wing, suddenly reducing or destroying lift
thrusta force created by the engines that pushes an aircraft through the air
velocitythe speed of an object, in a certain direction
weighta force of gravity acting on an object
lateral axisthe axis extending through the center of gravity of an aircraft and parallel to a line donnecting the tips of the winds
longitudinal axisthe axis extending through the center of the fuselage from the nose to the tail
yawa rotational motion in which the aircraft turns around its vertical axis
vertical axisthe axis extending straight up and down through the center of gravity of an aircraft
airplanean aircraft that used the force of air on it's wings (called lift) to fly

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