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World of Language Q-W

A list of terms Q-W that students use in grammar.

quotation marksshow the exact words of a speaker
repetitionthe repeating of a word or phrase
revisingthe stage in writers make changes
run-on-sentencetwo or more sentences not separated by punctuation or connection words
sentencea group of words that expresses a complete thought
settingtime and place of a story
simile uses the word like or as to compare two things
simple predicatemain word or words in the complete predicate
simple subjectthe main word in the subject part of a sentence
singular nounnames one person, place, thing or idea
space orderwords used to write description
subject pronounI, you, she, he, it, we, and they
suffixword part added to the end of a word
supporting sentencedevelops the main idea in a paragraph
synonymswords with similar meaning
tenseshows time of the action
thesaurusgives synonyms for words
topic sentencethe main idea of a paragraph
verbw word that shows action
writingstage in which writers put their ideas on paper

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