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Spanish ar verbs

Games to practise use of Present, Future, Preterite and Imperfect Tenses of regular ar verbs.

comprarto buy
comproI buy
comprasYou (tú) buy
compraHe/she/buys -you (usted)buy
compramoswe buy
compráisYou (vosotros) buy
compranThey buy - You (ustedes) buy
compréI bought
comprasteYou (tú) bought
compróHe/she /you(usted\)bought
compramoswe bought
comprasteisYou(vosotros) bought
compraronThey bought
compraréI will buy
comprarásYou(tú) will buy
compraráHe/she/you(usted) will buy
compraremosWe will buy
compraréisYou (vosotros) will buy
compraránThey will buy
comprabaI was buying
comprabasYou(tú ) were buying
comprabaHe/shewas buying(+ Usted)
comprábamoswe were buying
comprabaisyou (vosotros) were buying
comprabanthey/you were(ustedes) buying


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