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Spelling Demons

Those horrible words you think you know how to spell, but they just don't look right once you have them written on your paper.

acceptto take something offered
all rightacceptable
authora person who writes a novel
calendara table with the days of each month and week in a year
breatheto take air into the lungs and exhale it
doesn'tcontraction of does not
effectpower to produce results
Februarysecond month in a year
guaranteea promise that something will perform satisfactorily
heightdistance upward
islandan area of land completely surrounded by water
jealousfeeling resentful against someone
neighborperson who lives near another
surpriseto discover unexpectedly
thereforeas a result
untilup to the time when
usingput into service
Wednesdayfourth day of the week
weirdunnatural; mysterious

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