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Great white sharkThis fish is thought to be a man eater and sea monster
crocodilesthese reptiles can be 5-12 feet long, have scales, and have raver sharp teeth
wombatssmall rodent like animals
tasmanian devillives in tasmania and was pushed out of its home by the dingo
bandicootgenerally nocturnal, small rodent like animals
koalaeats eucalyptus leaves
dingomeat eating dog
wallabiessmall types of kangaroos
kangaroosanimals that use there tail to help balance there wait
outbacknickname for australia
australiahome of most marsupials
tasmaniahome of the tasmanian devil
new zealandisland off the coast of australia
pacific oceanbiggest ocean in the world
marsupialanimal in which young develop in a pouch
white death nickname for the great white shark
great barrier reefhome of the great white shark
duck-billed platypusduck-billed mammal


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