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Name the Element

Name each element from the description of its properties and uses.

The lightest elementHydrogen
Needed for respirationOxygen
Makes up most of the airNitrogen
Used for drink cans and kitchen wrapAluminium
A yellow solidSulphur
A yellow/green choking gas also used to clean swimming poolsChlorine
A metal used to protect iron from rusting by galvanizingZinc
Used in a computer chipSilicon
The main metal in steelIron
An important metal for bone strength found in milkCalcium
The metal element found in common household saltSodium
A gas commonly used in advertising lights and signsNeon
An unreactive gas sometimes used to fill balloons. It makes the voice go squeekyHelium
A metal used to extend battery lifeLithium
Found in diamonds and coalCarbon
A pinkish/brown metal used in electrical cableCopper
Sometimes added to toothpaste or water to stop tooth decayFluorine
An unreactive gas used in weldingArgon
A metal that burns with a very bright flame and is used in firecrackersMagnesium
Used as an emulsifier in boraxBoron

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