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EMT-B "T" Terms to Remember


Words and definitions

tachycardiaAn unusually rapid heart rate
tarsalThe ankle bone
thoracic cavityBody cavity enclosed by the sternum, ribs, and vertebral column
tibiaThe shin bone
tidal volumeThe amount of air inhaled and exhaled in a single breath
toddlerChild who is 1 to 3 years old
torsoThe trunk of a body, not including the head or limbs
tourniquetA device that is wrapped around an extremity to prevent blood flow to or from the distal area
toxinA substance that is poisonous to cells or tissues
tracheaThe windpipe; main air passage, arising from larynx and dividing into bronchi
tracheal deviationA shifting of the trachea to either side of the midline caused by the pressure of air trapped in the chest cavity
tracheostomySurgical opening of the trachea
tracheostomy tubea specialized airway device for surgical placement into a tracheal stoma; used to maintain an airway passage
trade nameManufacturer's brand name for a medication
transient ischemic attack (TIA)A sudden loss of neurological functions that clears up within 24 hours; the symtpoms are similar to a CVA; also called a ministroke
traumaA serious injury to the body or a severe emotional shock
trauma centersRegional facilities having specialized physicians and equipment necessary for treating trauma injuries
trendelenburg positionThe supine position inclined with the feet elevated about a foot above the head level
triageThe process of prioritizing patients to receive the appropriate level of care or transportation
tripod positionPosition that helps keep the airway open and maximizes respiratory effort; sitting, learning forward with hands on the knees
twisting forceOccurs when one part of an extremity remains in place while the rest moves or twists

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