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Vocab *B*

balefulharmful, with evil intentions
balkto refuse, stop short; prevent
banaltrite, overly common
banterplayful conversation
beguileto deceive, mislead; charm
behemothhuge creature
belligerenthostile, tending to fight
benefactorsomeone giving aid ro money
beneficentkindly, charitable; doing good deeds;producing good effects
benevolentfriendly and helpful
berateto scold harshly
bestowto give as a gift
bipedtwo footed animal
blandishto coax with flattery
blantantglaring, obvious, showy
bombasticusing high sounding but meaningless language
bonhomiegood natured geniality; atmosphere of good cheer
boonblessing, something to be thankful for
buffoonclown or fool
burlybrawny, husky
buttressto reinforce or support


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