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U.S. History Regents/RCT Review

Prosperity and Depression Terms

Laissez-fairegovernment "hands off" policy toward business
Harlem Renaissance1920's increased pride in Black American culture
18th Amendment(Prohibition)ban on the making &sale of alcohol
21st Amendmentlifting of ban on alcohol
Red Scarefear that Communism would take over the U.S.
Racismbelief that one's race is superior
Isolatonismnot becoming involved in world affairs
Stock Market Crashmarked start of Great Depression
Overproduction, Easy creditcauses of Great Depression
New Deal Relief, Recovery, Reform
Social Security ActInsured Americans against unemployment
Civilian Conservation Corpsprovided relief by giving people jobs
F.D.I.C.insured bank deposits
Dust Bowlfarmers' crops ruined by drought
19th Amendmentgave women right to vote
Assembly lineefficient production technique
President Hooverpresident at start of Great Depression
President Rooseveltresponsible for New Deal laws
Teapot Dome Scandalgov't officials bribed by businessmen
Court Packingplan of F.D.R. to insure support for his New Deal

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