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Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Learn your Chapter Nine (Protists and fungi) vocabulary

Protista single or many cell organism that lives in moist or wet conditions and are eukaryotic.
algaeWhat plantlike protists are known as
protozoaOne celled animal like protists
psuedopods"False Foot" Sarcodines move abou and feed using temorary extensions of their cytoplasm called psuedopods
Ciliashort threadlike structures that extend from the cell membrane
HyphaeA mass of one celled threadlike tubes that make up the body of a fungus
SporeA reproductive cell that forms new organisms without fertilization in fungi ferns and some protists.
SporangiaThe round spore cases of a zygote fungi
AscusThe small saclike structure in which sac fungi reproduce spores
BuddingA type of asexual reproduction in which new organism grows off the side of its parent
BasidiumThe club-shaped spore-producing structure of club fungi
Lichenan organism made up of a fungus and green algae or a cyanobacterium living in a mutualistic relationship.
Red Tidean algal population explosion that causes the water to look red and can cause fish kills and illness.

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