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600 SAT words (part 1)

Learn 600 SAT words!

abhorto loath or detest
hoardto accumilate or stash away
presumptuousbold to the point of rudness
subtlehardly notisable
taintto affect with something harmful; contaminate
abstemioussparing in the use of food or drink
plateaua condition on neighter growth nor decline
repletefully or abundantly provided
satiatesatisfy fully
surfeitexcess, overdulgence
ambiguousunclear, having more than one meaning
apathylack of interest or caring
indifferencelack of interest, feeling or opinion
precariousunstable, insecure
skepticalshowing doubt and disbelief
vacillationwavering, going back and forth
paucitysmall amount or number
penchanta strong take or liking
philathropistsomeone who gives to worthy causes
spendthrifta person who spends money wastefully
versatilecapable of doing many things well
integrityhonesty, moral uprightness
novicea person who is new at somehting
revereto regard with awe
sobrietybeing quiet or serious
yearningsdeep longings
exploitto take advantage of, to use selfishly for one's own ends
slanderuntruthful spoken attack on one's reputation
succumbto give away to superior force
terminatebring to an end
truncateshorten by cutting off
dupea person easily deceived
gulliableeasily deceived
miserone who saves greedily
deliberateintentional, well thought out
condemnto express strong disapproval of
comformityto act of becoming similar or identical to
conventionaltraditional, mundane
detrimentalcausing damage or harm
exacebateto make worse
implausiblenot possible, not imaginable
infalliableimpared to perfection of
mitigateto make less severe
opaquenot transparent, hard to understand
plagiarisa person who presents another's work as his own
soporificcausing sleep
pastichepiece of music or writing or art combining several different sources of styles


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