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World War 1

World War 1 Matching

Triple AllianceGermany,Italy,Austria-Hungary
MilitarismPolicy of glorifying war
PrincipAssasinated Archduke
Mobilizingpreparing for war
ultimatumfinal set of demands
escalategrow more intense
Central PowersGermany,Austria-Hungary
Trench Warfarenetwork used for protection
No man's landland between the trenches
stalematestand off neither side could break
VerdunBattle turned into a stalemate
Western FrontFrance and Britain vs. Germany
Eastern FrontGermany vs. Russia
TannenbergRussians defeated by Germans
Russiasigned a treaty surrenduring to Germans 1918
ItalyJoined the allies in 1915
NeutralityAmerican policy in 1914
Propagandainformation designed to influence beliefs
U-BoatsGerman Submarines
LusitaniaBritish ship sunk by U-Boat
1917Year U.S. entered war
Zimmerman telegramMexico would get Southwest U.S. if Germany wins
PershingCommander of U.S. troops
Chateau-ThierryTurned tide in favor of Allies
ArmisticeA halt to the fighting
Nov. 11, 1918Armistice ending WW1
Lloyd GeorgeGreat Britain
WilsonU.S. President
14 PointsWilson's plan for peace
Self-determinationright to establish own gov.
DisarmanentDestroy Weapons
League of NationsU.S. didn't join
MandateRegion administered by another country
ReparationsWar Damages
Isolationismdesire to stay out of foreign affairs
Pandemicworld-wide outbreak of disease
20 MillionNumber of people killed by Flu

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