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Environmental Issues

Identify major environmental problems along with their causes and effects.

Greenhouse EffectGlobal Warming
Cause of global warmingHeat trapped in the atmosphere by carbon dioxide and other gases
CombustionProduces carbon dioxide
PhotosysnthesisRemoves carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
MethaneGreenhouse gas produced in the digestive tract of grazing animals
A main cause of acid rainSulfur from burning coal to produce electricity
Cause of ozone depletion in the upper atmosphereChlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
Effect of ozone depletionIncreased ultraviolet radiation which can cause skin cancer
Exotic speciesOrganisms in an ecosystem that did not evolve there
Invasive speciesForeign organisms that compete so successfully that they threaten native species
BioaccumulationHigh levels of toxins in the flesh of animals at the top of the food chain
Non-point source pollutionHarmful materials that come from diffuse sources such as runoff
Major cause of loss of biodiversityHabitat loss
RecyclingConserving natural resources by turning used materials into new ones
SustainabilityAbility to live without reducing the ability of other organisms to survive now or in the future

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