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Adv Eng 9- 1st 9 wks- LESSON 3

Keep up the good work... you're getting the hang of it. Again, learn this week's words and review last week's words.

vigila watch kept
valorbravery, courage
ubiquitouspresent everywhere at the same time
ostentatiousboastful; pretentious; putting on an obnoxious, prideful show
adamantfirm, determined, unyielding, inflexible
nostalgiaa longing for soething long ago and far away.
intermittentstopping and starting; periodic
expediteto do quickly; to speed up the process
utopiaan ideal place of perfection
inevitablethat which must happen; unavoidable
formidablehard to handle; causing fear or dread
protocolan original draft of a document; the proper way and/or accepted way of doing something
squalorfilth and wretchedness
infallibledependable; reliable; that which is incapable of error
subservientgiving in to; beneath; always fulfilling the wishes of others

Mrs. Thibadeau

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