Java Games: Flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search.

Lesson 1 Concentration

These words are homophones.

houra unit of time equal to 60 minutes
ourbelonging to or to do with us
airthe invisible mixture of gases around the Earth
heira person who has been left something
aislethe passage between rows of seats
I'llthe contraction for I will
islea small island
kneadto press, fold, and stretch something to make it smooth
needto want or require something urgently
knewpast tense of know
newjust made or begun
gnua kind of African antelope
ringa circle
wringto squeeze the moisture from wet material
pluma fruit that is soft when ripe and has a purple skin
plumbto measure the depth of something
himthe form of he used as an object
hymna song of praise
wrappedcovered with paper
raptlost in something you enjoy so much

Mrs. Langlais

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