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Chapter 37 Flash Cards

These are made from the vocab words in Ch. 37 of the Ecce Romani text book.

castigo, castigare (1), castigavi, castigatusto rebuke, reprimand
conor, conari (1), conatus sumto try
moror, morari (1), moratus sumto be afraid, fear
ludus, ludi (m)tutor
magister, magistri (m)schoolmaster
eruditus, -a, -umlearned, scholarly
sextus, -a, -umsixth
collabor, collabi (3), collapsus sumto collapse
loquor, loqui (3), locutus sumto speak, talk
sequor, sequi (3) secutus sumto follow
consequor, consequi (3), consecutus sumto cath up, overtake
proficisor, proficisci (3), profectus sumto set out, leave
pistrinum, -i (n)bakery
ientaculum, -i (n)breakfast
paulum, -i (n)a small amount, a little
utilis, -is, -euseful
ad tempuson time
egredior, egredi (3io), egressus sumto go out, leave
regredior, regredi (3io), regressus, sumto go back, leave
ingredior, ingredi (3io), ingressus sumto go in, enter
experior, experiri (4), expertus sumto test, try
praefero, praeferre (irreg.), praetulie, praelatusto carry X (acc.) in front of Y (dat.)
cotidie (adv.)daily, every day
vel (conj.)or
etiamsi (conj.)even if


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