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tuberculosis and hepatitis

tuberculosisairborne disease that affects the lungs
airbornesuspended on drops of 1-5 microns in the air
tb infectioncondition in which the parson has bacilli for Tb but no symptoms
tb diseasewhen the tb infected person has symptoms for more that 3 weeks
ppdskin test to detect TB infection
exposure control planthe purpose is to protect employees from infection with diseases
medical surveillancetesting employees for TB infection and follow up if infected
potential exposuretaking care of someone known or supected TB
high hazard proceduressputum cultures, respiratory treatments
hepa filterair respirator that filters particles 1-5 microns
negative air pressure roomair flow control where air is exhausted directly outside
afbacid fast bacilli, TB
oshasets guidelinas for safety in the work place
parenteral exposureexposure by injection
standard universal precautionstreating all body fluids as if they where infected w disease
engineering controldevices designed to help eliminate exposure to a body fluid
ppepersonal protective equipment
handwashingthe single most important precaution against infection
hepatitisblodborne disease of the liver
hbvthree doses in 6mo to develop immunity to disease

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