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The Love and Hate Game

Match the word with its definition. All of the meanings of the words in this category express love or hate.

acridbitter, stinging, caustic
acrimoniousbitter, hurtful and nasty
adulationwild, excessive admiration
affinityattraction, sympathy, kinship, similarity
antipathyfirm dislike
alacritycheerful eagerness, briskness, or readiness to respond
banepoison, torment, cause of harm
confluenceflowing together, convergence
derideto ridicule or laugh at comtempuously
narcissisman abiding love of oneself
nihilisma belief that there are no values, morals, or goodness in the world
predilectiona natural preference
prudenthaving foresight, being careful or wise
rancorbitter, long lasting ill will or resentment
revereto respect highly or to honor
vilifyto say vile things about, to defame

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