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atmospheremade up of gases
trophospheresphere of movement
stratospherespheres of layers
ozone layerprotects the earth from ultraviolet rays
iopsherewhere electrically charged particals called ions occur by reflecting radio waves
mesospheremiddle sphere
exosphereupper part of thermosphere
The Aurora Borealis occurs where??in the Thermosphere
what protects the earth from metores that burn up and form shooting stars??The mesosphere
Where does the mesosphere begin and extend to??It begins 30 miles above the earth and extends about 50 miles
How are the layers held close together??By the force of gravity
The atmosphere is divided into layers according to what??Major changes in it's tempertaure
What accours when the layers push down on the earth's surface??air pressure
how much water is locked up in polar ice caps??85%
How much fresh water is remaining??3%
Where do most jet planes fly??in the stratosphere.
where do birds and airplanes fly??in the trophosphere

Kathryn Rice

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