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Quiz for six weeks test

What does Olmec meanPeople of the rubbary country
What people are on the top of the list in the olmec civilizationEmporer
What is second on the list of the olmec civilization?The nobles and government workers
What is third on the list??Capulli
What is fourth on the list??Farmers
What is 5th on the list??Slaves
What was the Aztec's special system of writing??Codex
What was the capital city??Tenochtitlan
Where did the Aztec settle??In the Valley of Mexico.
What lake did they settle by??Lake Texcoco
What were physical features in the americas shaped by??Glaciers
Where do the Rocky Mountains in North America extend to?They extend from Texas to Alaska
The Olmec were succsessful what?Farmers
What was a major city of the Olmec culture??LaVenta
What religion did the Olmec practice??Polythesism
What did they believe had special powers?Animals such as the jaguar
When did the Olmec civilization start dissappearing??around 400 B.C
When did the Maya develop their civilizationabout 600 years after the Olmec
What was the culture based on?Hunting and farming
When the Maya built the richest civilization in the America's, what was this period called??The Classic period
What city was the center of the Maya culture??The city of Capan
What was the game that was part of the Maya religion?pokta-pok
The Maya believed that the universe was made up of how many levels??3
What were the three levels??The upperworld of the hevans, the middle world of humans, and the underworld of the dead.
What did the Maya study??The stars
What did the Maya devolep??A calender, and a system of writing
When were Physical Features shaped by glaciers?During the Ice Age
What makes up the longest mountain range in the world??The Andes Mountains

Kathryn Rice

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