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taxonomyscience of classification
vertebratesanimals with backbones
linneaus1st developed system of classification of animals and plants
invertebratesanimals without backbones
gymnospermsreproduce by cones
angiospermsflowering plants
genus1st part of scientific name
species2nd part of scientific name
binomialhaving 2 names
monerasingle-celled organisms without a nucleus
kingdomlargest and most inclusive category for naming organisms
algaean aquatic plant
virusbundles of genetic material which depencd upon other living cells to reproduce
conereproductive organ for gymnosperms
symbiosis2 organisms living together for their mutual benefit
bilateralhaving 2 sides
protistssingle-celled organisms with nuclei
fungiorganisms which secrete enzymes into their environment which digest organis material
lichensa symbiotic relationship between an alga and a fungi
arthropodsanimals with a segmented body, hard exoskeleton, and simple nervous system

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