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Spelling-Unit 26 Words

Use this game to help you learn your spelling words.

unluckynot lucky; disappointing
reviewto study again; to go over
preschoola place of learning before elementary school
unfairnot fair; not honest or just
reheatto heat again
prepayto pay beforehand
untieto loosen something that has been tied
recoverto get back; to regain health
previewto view or watch in advance
unhappynot happy; sad; full of sorrow
rewriteto write again
pretesta test given beforehand to determine readiness
rebuildto build again
uncoverto remove the cover from; to reveal or expose
recheckto check again
unlockto undo a lock by turning a key
preheatto heat beforehand
unsafenot safe; dangerous
rereadto read again
unpackto remove the contents of a suitcase or a package

Mrs. Holtan and Mrs Sessions

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