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Lesson - 25

In this lesson, you will work with words that have the prefixes anti, counter, super, sub, ultra, trans, and semi.

antibodiesspecial protein manufactured in the body
transferredchange; shift
transistordevice that controls flow of electricity
semicolonpunctuation mark used to show a pause
counteractresist; thwart
subscriptionan agreement to pay for a item over time
submarinean underwater vessel
substitutionto put something in place of another
antiseptica medicine used to clean wounds
superviseto look over
antifreezea liquid used to keep an engine from overheating
semifinala round that comes before the final round
transparentto be able to see through
antidotea substance used to destroy an effects of a poison
superficialof or on the surface, not deep
semicirclehalf of a circle
counterattackto attack afterwards
supersonicof or moving at the speed of sound
ultravioleta type of ray from the sun that can be dangerous to your health
counterfeitfake; false

Mrs. Parrott

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