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Internet Terminology

PacketUnit used to send information over the Internet
TCP/IPTransmission control protocol/Internet protocol, defines packet switching
ISPInternet service provider, oranization that provides temporary connections to individuals or companies
ISDNIntegrated servicesDigital Network, worldwide digital communications network
Cable modemInternet access provided through cable TV lines
DSLDigital subscriber line
Dial-up accessUses telephone lines and a modem to dial into an ISP
Domain nameText version of a computer address
Numeric addressIdentifies a specific computer that is part of a network
URLUniform Resource Locator, identifies a protocol, domain name, directory path, and document name
httprefers to hypertext transfer protocol, the communications protocol used to transfer info on the Web
HTMLhypertext markup language, a series of tags that define text, graphics, video and sound on the Web
Web browserA program that interprets HTML and displays Web pages and sites
Search engineA search tool that finds web pages, searches Web databases
Bookmarks/favoritesA saved reference to a Web page, has the address and name

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