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Excel 3

Excel - Lesson 3

FunctionPredefined formula that performs a special calculation.
Function nameName give to predefined functions.
ArgumentPart of a formula that contains the values necessary to peform the calculation.
NestTo incert a function into another function.
AutoCalculateTemporary calculation on a range of cells w/o writing a formula.
SeriesList of sequential numbers, dates, times, or text.
Natural language formulaFormulas that use column or row headings instead of cell ranges or cell references.
CommentText note attached to a worksheet cell.
Print optionsControls what, where, how, and how many copies to prints.
Page setupDialog box that includes options to control the appearance of printed output.
HeaderRepeated info. that appears in the top margin of a page.
FooterRepeated info. that appears in the bottom margin of a page.
Page breakDashed lines that show where a page will end on a printout.
ScalingReduces/enlarges info. to
Normal viewDefault view for performing Excel tasks.
Page break viewAllows you to move and delete page breaks or resize the print area.
Print areaSpecified range of cells to be printed.
Row titlesRepeated info. at the top of page 2, etc. when the worksheet exceeds 1 page.
Column titlesRepeated info. at the left of page 2, etc., when the worksheet exceeds 1 page.
Interactive Web reportWorksheet published on the Internet that can be used by Office 2000 users.
PivotTableReport feature used to summarize data and change layout for better analysis.

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