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Certamen: Mottoes

carpe diemseize the day
tempus fugittime flies
cave canembeware of the dog
caveat emptorlet the buyer beware
semper fidelisalways faithful
semper paratusalways prepared
sic semper tyrannis (Virginia)thus always to tyrants
veni vidi viciI came, I saw, I conquered
iacta alea estthe die is cast
etc (et cetera)and the rest
et al. (et alii)and the others
e.g. (exempli gratia)for the sake of example
i.e. (id est)that is
quid pro quosomething for something
nosce te ipsumknow yourself
festina lentemake haste slowly
labor omnia vincitwork conquers all
amor omnia vincitlove conquers all
persona non grataan unwelcome person
errare humanum estto err is human
de gustibus non disputandum estthere's no accounting for taste
dum spiro sperowhile I breathe I hope
semper ubi sub ubialways where underwear
terra incognitaunknown territory
e pluribus unumout of many one
annuit coeptishe nods at our beginnings
novus s(a)eclorum ordonew order of the ages
lux et veritaslight and truth
SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus)Senate and Roman People/Senate and People of Rome
ad astra per aspera (Kansas)to the stars through difficulties
habeas corpusyou may have the body (legal)
status quothe state in which (something is in)
cui bonoto what good
mens sana in corpore sanoa sound mind in a sound body
per diemper day, by the day
per annumper year, by the year
per capitaper head, by the head (a head count)
cogito ergo sumI think therefore I am
non sequiturit doesn't follow

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