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Bio 1a Photosynthesis & Respiration

This activity will help you review respiration and photosynthesis terms

ATPadenosine triphospate, used for energy for all cell processes
ADPadenosine diphosphate, molecule recharged to make ATP
photosynthesiswater & carbon dioxide are combined using light energy to make glucose & release oxygen
light-dependent reactionthe stages of photosynthesis that depends on light energy
Calvin cyclethe part of photosynthesis that uses the products of the light reaction
chlorophyllgreen protein pigment that captures light energy
thylakoidschloroplast membranes which traps sunlight using chlorophyll
stromacytoplasm material that surrounds grana in chloroplasts
autotrophanother name for a producer
heterotrophan organism that must get its food from other organisms
pigmentslight absorbing colored molecules
NADP+a H acceptor in chloroplasts
calorieenough energy to raise 1g of water 1 degree Celsius
glycolysis1st stage of respiration in which glucose is split
cellular respirationprocess that releases energy by breaking down glucose with oxygen
NADa hydrogen acceptor in mitochondria
fermentationrelease of energy from glucose without oxygen
anaerobicwithout oxygen
alcoholic fermentationproduces ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide
lactic acid fermentationpyruvic acid is converted to lactic acid
aerobicwith oxygen
Kreb's cyclepyruvic acid is broken down into carbon dioxide and energy extracted
electron transport chainelectrons from Kreb's cycle are used to convert ADP to ATP

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