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Buffy/Angel games!

What was Buffy's old school(before sunnydale)?Hemery High
What episode did Buffy die?Prophecy Girl
What state is Sunnydale in?Cailfornia
What happened to principal flutie?He got eaten
Where did Buffy first see Riley?The Freshman
Who left Sunnydale with Angel?Cordelia
What epsiode did Doyle die in?Hero
What is Xander's middle name?LaVelle
What is Buffy's middle name?Anne
What is Willow's dad's name?Ira
What is Oz's full name?Daniel Osbourne
What does Angel's name mean?The one with the angelic face
According to Cordelia what does BX mean?Before Xander
Who sired angel?Darla
What are 3 ways to kill a vampire?beheading, stake, sunlight

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