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Flex and Fit 1

Sagital PlaneVertical plane running from front to back dividing the body into right and left parts
Frontal PlaneVertical plane running laterally from side to side dividing the body into front and back parts
Horizontal PlanePlane that runs at right angles to the long axis of the body dividing it into upper and lower parts
PosteriorTowards the back
AnteriorTowards the front
LateralA point farther from the sagital plane of the body
MedialA point closer to the sagital plane of the body
Latissimus DorsiAdduction, medial rotation and extension of the arm at the shoulder
DeltoidFlexion, extension and abduction of the arm at the shoulder joint
TrapeziusElevation adduction of the shoulder girdle
FlexionMovement resulting in a decrease of the joint angle
ExtensionMovement resulting in an increase of the joint angle
AbductionMovement away from
AdductionMovements toward


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