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Social Studies--Chapter 2--How We Learn About Communities

Review vocabulary and definitions for Grade 3--Social Studies--Chapter 2--How We Learn About Communities

city councilmakes plans & laws for a community
traditionidea, custom, or belief passed down from parents to children
pollutionharmful things in the water, soil, or air
researchthe study of a subject very carefully
economicsstudy of how things are made, sold, bought, & used
high-techusing up-to-date technology
geographystudy of people, places, & the earth
Pat Jaspera folklorist
write letters, form support groups, sign petitions, go to city council meetingswhat citizens do to effect the government
transportation plannerperson who designs roads, trails, & railroads
landmarka familiar or easily seen building that identifies a place
economistperson who studies how businesses change a community
Sally Huntera historian
Natural habitats that people want to savewhat Barton Springs in Austin & Braeburn Marsh in Batavia have in common
mayorchief government official for some communities
Mr. Jeff SchielkeBatavia's mayor
folklifea community's special music, stories, crafts, & customs
Austina city in Texas
letters, interviews, photographs, & newspaperswhat historians & folklorists use for their work
transportation planners, scientists, construction workerspeople who work on a new road
governmentorganization that keeps a community, state, or country in order
historianperson who studies history
manufactureto make by using machines
Celebration of Lights, Windmill Days, Loyalty Day ParadeBatavia Celebrations
historystudy of past events
computers & mapswhat helps transportation planners
car-poolgroup where people ride in same car
geographerperson who studies where things are located on the land
architecturestyle of building
folkloristperson who studies folklife
petitiona written request

Batavia, IL

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