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Latin America Vocabulary

Vocabulary words from Latin America Unit in the book Glencoe World Geography

escarpmenta slope or long cliff between a higher and lower surface
llanosplains area of Colombia and Venezuela
Pampasfertile plains of Argentina and Uruguay
hydroelectric powerusing water energy to produce electricity
tierra calientehot country
tierra friacold country
canopythe covering that the tree tops in a rain forest form by coming together
mestizospeople of mixed Native American and European descent
mulattopeople of mixed African and European descent
dialectform of language peculiar to a particular place or group
primate citycity in which a country's urban population is concentrated and which dominates the economy, culture, and government
malnutritionpoor nutrition
mosaicpicture or design made by setting bits of colored stone, glass, or tile into mortar
modernismliterary movement in which Latin American writers and poets called for art for art's sake
extended familyfamily that includes relatives in addition to parents and children
jai alaigame played with a ball and a long curved basket
developing countrycountry being industrialized
exportgoods sent to other countries
cash cropcrop for sale or trade
campesinosrural workers
latifundialarge estates
minifundiasmall farms
service industrya business that provides services
maquiladorasforeign-owned factories in Mexico near the US border
ecosystemcomplex variety of life in a delicately balanced environment
deforestationthe cutting down and clearing of trees
slash-and-burn farmingclearing and burning forests to use as farmland
reforestationthe planting of young trees or seeds of trees

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