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Energy Word Match

AdaptationBehavior or Body Part that helps an animal SURVIVE
Air PollutionAny harmful or unclean materials in the air
AstronomerA scientist who uses telescopes to study space
AtmosphereThe layer of gases surrounding the Earth or another planet
BacteriaTiny living things that can cause diseases
BehaviorThe way an animal acts in a certain situation
camouflageThe ability to blend in with the surroundings
CarbohydratesFood sugars and starches that are used by the body for energy
CarnivoreAn animal that eats only other animals
CellThe tiny unit that makes up ALL living things
communityA group of plants and animals that live in a certain area
conductionThe transfer of HEAT through direct contact between particles of matter
condenseTo change form from Gas to a Liquid--Dew
ConsumerA living thing that eats other living things to survive. Animals are consumers.
ConvectionThe circulation of heat through a liquid or gas.
DecomposerA living thing that feeds o the remains of a dead thing---Yuck! ex. mushrooms
EnergyThe ability to move something or cause a change in matter.
Energy of MotionThe energy that moving matter has.
environmentAll the surrounding living and nonliving things that affect a living thing.
EquatorAn imaginary line that circles Earth halfway between the two poles.

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