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General Anatomy

Match the organ with the organ system it belongs too.

LungsRespiratory system
BrainNervous system
SkinIntegumentary system
BicepsMuscular system
RibsSkeletal system
Prostate glandReproductive system
SpleenLymphatic system
Thyroid glandEndocrine system
StomachDigestive system
KidneyUrinary system
HeartCardiovascular system
ClavicleSkeletal system
LiverDigestive system
Urinary bladderUrinary system
Hair cellIntegumentary system
EpidermisIntegumentary system
MandibleSkeletal system
TricepsMuscular system
Spinal cordNervous system
EyesNervous system
VeinsCardiovascular system
ArteriesCardiovascular system
TonsilsLymphatic system
GallbladderDigestive system
large intestineDigestive system
UretersUrinary system
TestesReproductive system
OvariesReproductive system
Fallopian tubeReproductive system
TracheaRespiratory system

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