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Gen Med Rotation- Drug Uses (part B)

cytotecprostaglandin analog to prevent NSAID GI ulcerations
relafenNSAID, mainly cox II selective
naftin cream and geldermatophytes
naprosyn or anaproxNSAIDS
percocet, tylox, oxycontinpain (mild to moderate, schedule II
trentalintermittent claudication
zosynbroad spectrum including pseudomonas and proteus (gram -) and anaerobes
darvocetpain (mild to moderate), schedule IV
vioxxNSAID, cox II inhibitor selective
clinorilNSAID, often useful in elderly
lamisildermatophytes, tinea, onychomycosis, NOT good for candida, lab tests: CBC, AST, ALT
timentinB-lactamase producing s. aureus, n. gonorrhea, anaerobes
ultrampain (not scheduled)
trovananaerobes and aerobes
vancocinMRSA, gram +, PCN allergy, c. difficile (oral tx)
ambiensleep aid

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