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Metric Madness

This serries of games will test your knowledge of the metric system and the tools scientists use to measeure the things they observe happening in the world around them.

BalanceUsed to measure mass
Graduated Cylinderused to measure liquid volume
Metric RulerUsed to measure distance and solid volume
ThermometerUsed to measure temperature
Stop WatchUsed to measure time
MeterThe metric unit for distance.
LiterThe metric unit for liquid volume.
KilogramThe metric unit for mass.
SecondThe metric unit for time.
ByteThe metric unit for information.
JouleThe metric unit for work
WattThe metric unit for power.
NewtonMetric unit of force.
System InternationalAnother name for the metric system.
Metric SystemA base 10 system of mesaurement.
CCThis is equal to 1 cubic centimeter or 1 milliliter.
Degrees CelciusMetric unit for temperature.
Degrees KelvinMetric unit of temperature that eliminates negative temperatures
0 degrees CelciusCelcius temperature at which water freezes at sea level and normal air pressure.
100 degrees CelciusCelcius temperature at which water Boils at sea level and normal air pressure.
0 KelvinThe absolutly coldest temperature anything can reach.
273 KelvinThe freezing temperature of water.
373 KelvinThe boiling temperature of water.
DensityGrams per Centimeter Cubed
Solid VolumeLength x Width x Height
Displacement MethodA procedure used to determine the volume of an irregularly shaped solid object.

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