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Vocabulary: Second Semester

Focus Words 71-140

perspectivepoint of view
subterraneanbeneath the earth
chronologicaltime order
obsoleteout of date
prehistoricbefore history was recorded
simultaneousat the same time
olfactoryconnected with the sense of smell
stenchstrong and foul odor
fragrantsweet or delicate scent
malodoroushaving a bad odor
pungentaffecting the organs of taste or smell with a sharp, bitter sensation
incensea material burned to produce a fragrance
reekgive off a strong and offensive odor
rancidhaving a rank or offensive smell or taste
savortaste or smell with pleasure
aromapleasant or savory smell
anti, antagainst
extra, extrooutside, beyond
hemi, demi, semihalf
uni, bi, tri, quadone, two, three, four
malbadly, poorly
micro, macrosmall, large
sympathypity or compassion for another's troubles
affectionlove; fondness
apathylack of interest; listlessness
enthusiasmstrong interest or feeling
frustrationthe act of being prevented from achieving
hostilitya feeling or act of strong dislike or antagonism
optimismhopefulness; expectation that the very best will happen
resentmenta feeling of displeasure resulting from being hurt by someone else's actions; bitterness
securitya sense of safety
sincerityhonesty; truthfulness
ancestorany person from whom one is descended
communitythe people who live in the same town, neighborhood, or district
maternalof or like a mother
metropolitanlike or belonging to a large, important city
nativeone who is born in a certain place
paternalof or like a father
posterityall of a person's descendants; future generations
residencethe place where a person lives; home
ruralof or belonging to the country as opposed to the city
siblingone of two or more people born to the same parents; brother or sister
adjustmentmaking of a satisfactory relationship between a person and his or her environment
benevolencean inclination to do good; kindness
bigotrynarrow-mindedness; intolerance toward people because of race, color, creed, religion, or sex
fanaticwildly and unreasonably enthusiastic
impartialfavoring no one side more than another; fair
maturitystate of being fully developed or fully grown
modestystate of having a moderate or humble opinion of one's self
motivethe inner reason or drive that causes a person to do something
obstinateunreasonably determined to have one's own way; stubborn
temperamentthe basic nature of a person; the main traits of a person's character
creditrecognition that a requirement for a diploma or degree has been met
electivea course of choice
consentto give approval; agree to a plan of action
prerequisitesomething necessary to the carrying out of a plan
consecutivefollowing in order; successive
post-secondary educationafter high school
practical artsthe development of skills which serve ordinary or material needs, i.e. keyboarding, nutrition, or woodworking
fine artsthe development of skills concerned with the creation of beauty as in music, drama, or art
salutatorianthe student having the second highest academic rank in a graduating class
valedictorianthe student having the highest academic rank in a graduating class


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