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AVHS SP2 U1 Vocabulary 1b Infinitives (Verbs) - (copy)

Review the meanings of these verbs from Spanish 1!

ayudarto help
bailarto dance
buscarto look for
caminarto walk
cantarto sing
cocinarto cook
comerto eat
conocerto know
correrto run
creerto believe
decir (i)to say/tell
dormir (ue)to sleep
encontrar (ue)to find,meet,enconuter
escribirto write
estarto be
estudiarto study
hablarto talk
hacerto make, do
irto go
ir a + be going to + a verb
jugar (ue)to play
leerto read
llamarto call
llamarseto be called (named)
llevarto wear, carry
pasearto stroll
pensar (ie)to think
pensar + plan to + a verb
poder (ue)can,to be able
ponerto put, place, set
quererto want
saberto know, to know how + a verb
serto be
tenerto have
tener que + have to + a verbt
tener ganas de + feel like (verb)ing
tocarto play (music), touch, knock
tomarto take
traerto bring
venir (ie)to come
verto see
vivirto live

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