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The World of Anne Frank People, Places, and Terms

These excercises will help you become familar with people, places, and terms that you will read about in the booklet "The World of Anne Frank."

Adolf HitlerNazi dictator of German between 1933 and 1945
AryanNazis used this term to mean "German Race"
concentration campA place where political enemies and prisoners of war are held.
discriminateact on the basis of prejudice and unfairness
Jewa person whose religion is Judaism; a member of a group that once lived in Palestine
minority groupa group made up of a number of people who differ in some way from that group that has greater control in society
NaziNational Socialist German Worker's Party; a facist group under the leadership of Hitler
persecuteto harm often and unjustly
propagandaa plan for spreading opinions
scapegoata person or thing made to take the blame for the mistakes of others
synagoguea building used by Jews for religious worship
Third ReichThe German government under Nazi control
World War Ifought in Europe, Asia, and Africa between July 28, 1914 and November 11, 1918.
AlliesThe nations that fought against Germany, Japan, and Italy during World War II
anti-Semitismhateful feelings or actions against Jews
BBCBritish Broadcasting Company; Broadcasted radio messages to occupied Europe
collaborateDuring a war means to aid and cooperate with the enemy
deportremove that person from a country
emigrateto move from one's own country to live in another
ghettoa part of a city where Jews were forced to live
labor campsNazi prisons where inmates were forced to work
occupied countriescountries taken over by German forces during World War II
pogromorganized and officially approved attack on a minority group
prejudicean opinion or judgment made in advance without good reason
rationallow only fixed amounts of food or other supplies
refugeea person who flees for safety in times of war
undergrounda secret organization that resists foreign domination and works to free its country
World War IIfought mainly in Europe, Asia, and Africa from 1939 to 1945. Began when Hiter's armies invaded Poland
air raidattack of enemy airplanes, ususally bombers
black marketgoods sold at illegal prices or illegal amounts
death campa place expressly designed for the purpose of killing
genocidethe plannned killing of an entire racial or cultural group of people
Gestaposecret police force for the Nazis
SSprivate army of elite highly trained Nazi guards
Gypsya wandering tribe of people who probably originally came from India
liberateto set free
typhusoften fatal infectious disease spread by fleas and lice
atrocitya cruel and brutal act
documentprinted or written material that offers proof of something
dramatic licenseartistic liberty which permits playwrights to alter factual events to achieve a desired effect in thier plays
facismtotalitarian system of government; the government controls everything
Hanukkaha Jewish holiday
playwrighta writer of plays

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