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chapter 15

central processing unit (CPU)The control center of the computer
chipsTiny pieces of silicon that contain imprinted circuits
computersElectronic devices designed to store, process, and report information
computer languageA system of letters, words numbers, and symbols used to communicate witha computer
dataFacts in the form of numbers, alphabetic characters, words, or special symbols.
data processingThe rearrangement or processing of data to make it more useful.
disk driveA device that is used to store information onto a magnetic disk so that the information can be recalled and used again.
floppy disksSmall, pliable oxide-coated plastic disks in protective covers that may be used to store programs or data.
hardwareThe components or equipment of a computer system.
hard diskA disk that is built into the computer and is make from rigid material, which does not bend; allows storage of tens of millions of characters.
inputData entered into a computer.
mainframeA large computer system, which can handle more instructions and process data faster than smaller computers.
memoryStorage locations for the instructions and data that the computer will use.
microcomputerThe smallest type of computer
minicomputerA computer that is smaller and less powerful than a mainframe
mouseA hand-held device used to point to a certain command on the computer screen.
outputData that has been processed into a useful form.
printerAn output device that produces written results on paper.
programA series of detailed step-by-step instuctions that tell the computer what functions to complete and when to complete them
programmersPeople who write the instructions to tell the computer what functions to perform.
softwareInstructions that run a computer system
terminalThe keyboard and visual display screen used to enter and view data.
Application softwareComputer programs that perform specific tasks such as word processing, database management, or accounting.
CD-ROMA data storage device that uses laser optics for reading data.
Computer networkSeveral computers linked into a single system.
Input deviceA mechanism used to enter data into a computer system.
Multimedia systemA computer system that presents information using a combination of sound, graphics, animation, and video.
output devicesMechanisms used to present data in a form that can be used or retrieved later or may be communicated immediately.

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