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Chapter 32

Certificates of deposits (CDs)Long-term deposits that have certain restrictions and pay higher interest rates than regular savings accounts.
Individual retirement account (IRA)A taxsheltered retirement plan that allows certain workers to invest up to $2000 annually and pay no tax either on that sum or on its earnings until the money is withdrawn.
Money market accountA special account that pays a variable interest rate based on rates paid to holders of short-term government debt.
Savings account passbookA record that shows your deposits, withdrawals, interest earned, and the balance of your savings account; the bank teller records each transaction.
Savings account registerA record in which you must record each deposit or withdrawal as it is made from your savings account; you must also add the interest when the bank reports it to you.
Super NOW accountsSpecial savings accounts that require higher minimum deposits and pay higher rates of interest.
Withdrawal slipA written request to take money out of your account.

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