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Chapter 22

automatic teller machine (ATM)A computer terminal provided by a bank to receive, dispense, and transfer funds electronically for its customers.
checkA depositor's written demand to a bank to pay out money from his or her account.
commercial or full-service bankA bank that offers a full range of financial services; sometimes called a "financial department store."
consumer finance companiesFinancial institutions that specialize in making loans for durable goods and financial emergencies.
credit unionA financial institution formed by workers in the same organization that serves only its members.
demand depositMoney put into a checking account.
depositMoney that is placed in a bank account by a customer.
electronic funds transfer (EFT)A system through which funds are moved electronically from one account to another and from one bank to another.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)A federal agency that protects depositor's money in case a bank or financial institution that it regulates fails.
Federal Reserve System (Fed)A nationwide banking plan set up by our federal government to assist banks in serving the public more efficiently by supervising and regulating member banks.
interestAn amount paid for the use of money.
investmentsSavings that are put to work to earn more money.
National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)A federal agency that insures depositors' funds in credit unions up to $100,000.
NOW (negotiable order of withdrawal) accountsA savings account on which checks can be drawn or a checking account that earns interest; each may require a minimum balance and may limit withdrawals.
safe-deposit boxesBoxes in a bank vault for storing valuables.
savings and loan associations (S & Ls)Financial institutions that specialize in savings accounts and loans for mortgages.
savings banksBanks that mainly handle savings accounts and make loans to home buyers.
time depositA deposit that usually will be left in the bank for a period of time.
trust companiesBanks that specialize in managing the money and property of others.

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