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Chapter 6

articles of partnershipA written agreement made by partners in forming their business
board of directorsA group of people elected by stockholders to guide a corporation
certificate of incorporationA document, generally issued by a state government, giving permission to start a corporation
consumers' cooperativeAn organization of consumers who buy goods and services together
cooperativeA business that is owned by the members it serves and is managed in their interest
corporationA business made up of a number of owners but authorized by law to act as a single person.
dividendThe part of the profits of a corporation that each stockholder receives
franchiseA written contract granting permission to sell someone else's product or service in a prescribed manner, over a certain period of time, and in a specified area
franchiseeThe person or group of people who have received permission from a parent company to sell its products or services
franchisorThe parent company that grants permission to a person or group to sell its products or services
municipal corporationAn incorporated town or city
partnershipAn association of two or more people operating a business as co-owners and sharing profits or losses according to a written agreement
producers' cooperativeAn organization that farmers form to market their products
sole proprietorshipA business owned by one person
stockholder or shareholderA person who owns stock in a corporation

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