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Middle Ages

A game to review vocabulary related to the Middle Ages.

noble1 out of 100 people were one of these
fiefland given to a vassal by his lord
guildsgroup of craftworkers
vassala knight who served a lord
manora large estate belonging to a nobleman
feudalisma type of government
serfservant that works on manor
lordserves the king
Middle Agesperiod of time when people lived on manors
troubadourswrite and oerformed songs
William the Conquerorconquered the people of England
King John Iforced to sign the Magna Carta
Charlemagneknown as Charles the Great
King Henry VIIIformed the Church of England
Johannes Gutenberginvented the printing press
ProtestantChristians who are not Catholic
Reformationthe reform of the Church in Rome
Nicolaus Copernicusastronomer who used a simple telescope
Michelangeloartist who painted the Sistene Chapel
Leonardo da Vinciartist that painted the Mona Lisa
humanismconcern with human interests and values
plaguedisease carried by fleas which killed many Europeans during the Middle Ages
Crusadejourney to gain control of the Holy Land
cathedralsgrand church
monestaryreligious community for monks
conventreligious community for nuns
Normandypresent day France
Magna Cartathe "Great Charter"
pilgrimstravelers to the Holy Land

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