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8th Grade Vocab II

Practice these vocabulary terms.

courteousconsiderate of others;polite
equalitybeing equal to others
ladencarrying a load
prosperitya time when things are good
idolan image used as an object of worship
opportunitya favorable time for a certain purpose
energetichaving or displaying energy;vigorous
metamorphosisa transformation, as by magic or sorcery; a change in the structure, for or life function of an animal during normal development
cafeteriarestaurant in which the customers are served at a counter and carry meals to tables
mergeran act or result of merging, especially the union of two or more commercial interests
inclinationan attitude or tendency toward somthing
disregard (verb)to pay no attention to; ignore
disregard (noun)a lack of thoughtful attention
pledgedoffered or guaranteed by a solemn promis
misplaceto put in a wrong place
distractto turn away the attention of; to divert
attributedregarded as belonging to or resulting from someone or something
timidshy or meek
eternalwithout beginning or end; unaffected by time
persistentrefusing to give up or let go

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