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Pig Notes

Thymus Glandserves as site of T cell differentiation
Thyrod Glandproduces thyroxine
Heartpumps blood
Thoracic Cavitycontains the heart and lung
Adomical Cavitythe belly / lies between thorax - plevis
Pancreasproduces hormones (disgestive)
Small Intestinenarrow /muscular tube which digested is completed
Umbilocal Chordattaches developed embro to uterine wall
Larynxcontains vocal chords / produces large noise
Tracheaprevents foriegn particles from entering lungs
LungsRemove CO2 from blood
Ribsprotect heart / lungs
DiaphragmContracts during inhalation; release durring exhalation
LiverPrroduces many chemicals - delivers to small intestine
Stomachsecretes acids / enzymes
Spleenstores blood
Large Intestinesite of water absorbtion and synthesis of B/K vitamins
ApendixBlind gut - forms beganing of large intestine
Rectumpasses feces out of body through anus
Kidneysremoves nitrogenous wastes
Gall bladdersmall bile - storing organ of digestive system+

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