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Vertebrate Animals (4th grade)

Match the types of vertebrate with their traits.

MammalWarm-blooded animal with fur which feeds milk to its young.
FishCold-blooded animal with scales and gills which lives in the water.
AmphibianCold-blooded animal with gills and later lungs.
BirdWarm-blooded animal with feathers which lays eggs.
ReptileCold-blooded animal with dry scaly skin and lungs.
MarsupialMammal with a pouch.
MonotremeMammal which lays eggs.
PlacentalMammal which bears live young.
Salamanders and NewtsAmphibians with tails.
Frogs and ToadsAmphibians without tails.
Turtles and TortoisesReptiles with shells.
Crocodiles and AlligatorsCrocodilians
Fish, Amphibians, and ReptilesThe groups of cold-blooded vertebrates.
Birds and MammalsThe groups of warm-blooded vertebrates.
Reptiles and Fish.The groups of vertebrates with scales.
Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Birds.Vertebrate groups which lay eggs.
Jawless FishThe earliest group of fish.
Lobe-finned fishFish which may be the ancestors of amphibians.
CaeciliansAmphibians which look like worms.
PrimatesMammal group which includes human beings.

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